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Amathole – East London

Postal address:

PO Box 15073

Beacon Bay


Physical Address:

2 Dunn Street


East London 


Tel:     043-722-4918

Fax:    086-651-8824

Cell:    083-552-4616

Email: dsaael@telkom.net 

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DSAAmathole/

Banking Details:  

Name:       First National Bank

Branch:     Vincent

Account:   62004790863

Branch:     210221

CONTACT PERSON: Denise Taylor (Tel: 043-722-4918 / 083-552-4616) Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 09h00 – 13h00

Our outreach co-ordinator/s operates from Cecillia Makiwane Hospital on a Tuesday between 9am and 1pm and can be found at POPD and on a Wednesday she operates from the Frere Hospital and starts at the POPD Clinic between 9am and 1pm.  She also does visits to Clinics and home on request. 

Support Groups (SHG) / Self Advocay:

Parents meet once a month at Hamilton Club while their children are dancing / exercising – Dates TBA for the year – notices will be emailed or phone the office on 043 722 4918 to confirm.

Mdantsane Parents can phone Faith Esbend  – cell : 067 716 3989

Parkside / Fynbos areas can phone Deborah Noble – cell: 066 345 0727

Whatsapp Mothers support group: Zimbini Kamana -0839464641

Whatsapp Fathers support group: Xola Metele-071 844 8241

Board Members

Chairperson:  Linda Davis

Vice Chairperson:  Soraya Adkins

Treasurer:  Mimette Oosthuizen

Secretary:  Alta Brink

Outreach Co-Ordinator:  Deborah Noble/Faith Esbend

Committee Members:  Adele Ball, Mavis Buya, Welekazi felicia Mbana, Roxanne Poovan, Zimbini Kamana, Teresa Moldenhauer, Mita Silva

Self Advocate: Tasha Oosthuizen

Branch Director: Denise Taylor

Outreach Co-ordinator/s: Deborah Noble/Faith Esbend

Co-opted: Sonia Skein- Charlene Keir


Education/School:  Sonia Skein, Debora Noble

Outreach/Support:  Deborah, Mavis

Early Intervention:  Mimette Oostuizen

Finances:  Mimette, Linda, Alta, Denise

Tea:  Sonia, Denise, Alta

Tiny Handz:  Sonia, Linda

Self Advocacy:  Deborah, Alta, Linda, Denise, Mavis

Special Olympics:  Deborah

Parent support: 

Deborah 066 345 0727 – Faith Esbend -067 716 3989 Frere and Cecilia Makiwane Hospitals/clinics/home visits – speaks isiXhosa

Mimette 082 354 4628 – Beacon Bay Life Hospital

Office 083 552 4616

Mission Statement

To provide accurate and up to date information and awareness regarding Down syndrome and intellectual disability to parents, medical professionals and the wider public. To encourage the inclusion of individuals with these disabilities in all walks of life and ensure they have the same dignity we all expect in life.


Down Syndrome Amathole was established in 1996.

What we offer

Parent support

Early intervention

Inclusive Education


Outreach programme

Support groups

Workshops and talks

Provide assistance with obtaining disability grants

Who can become a member?

Anyone who has an interest in Down syndrome, whether a parent, medical professional or member of the public. For more information or application forms please contact our office. 

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